Easter time

My first Easter away from Auckland in 14 years.
Though in Paris I admit I am spoilt for choice with 
beautiful and tasty chocolate egg creations.. 
This morning I awoke to a craving..
for hot cross buns.

They are so simple, yet so comforting. 
There's just nothing better than coming home from uni,
splitting one of them bad boys open, chucking them under the grill,
and lathering them up with lashings of butter.
I don't think any chocolate egg can compete with that.

So you must understand why..
I just had to make some.

To be honest, I have never made hot cross buns before.
It was too easy driving to the Howick "Baker's Delight",
and grabbing a six-pack every few days during the lenten season
that I never made the initiative to.
But to my dismay, recently I found out that the tradition of consuming these fruity, 
spiced buns hasn't been assimilated into the French Easter culture.

So making use of the 3 hour break during classes today,
I decided that though I am far away from home,
I'm going to have my usual easter diet!

doubling in size after proofing

crossed with flour, sugar and milk mix

after 20 minutes in the oven!

I was surprised that they turned out rather well..!
I adapted this recipe I found this morning from nzherald.com, 
and applied the same bread techniques I learnt from school
in kneading and developing the elasticity of the dough by hand.

later that night..

All you kitchen adventurers should definitely give hot cross buns a go!
Turns out they are actually pretty easy to make, and very rewarding :)
(and much cheaper too!!)

I hope you all have a happy (with responsible chocolate consumption) easter!

x Tal