Hello my sweet-toothed friends. I hope you've all been having a good a week as I have been having so far! I've just returned from a week's stay in my second home of Bali meeting some friends from New York and showing a buddy from Seattle around a bit. Bali is the place that I intend to open up my first cafe/bakery in a couple of years. So I've taken it upon myself to get to know the island well and visit as many of its awesome (and some not so awesome) restaurants, bakeries cafes as I can. So it's always a pleasure to show off the place to visitors, it really is still one of the most cultured and beautiful places in the world.

One thing that annoys me about being in Bali though, is that there is no oven installed in our villa. While that of course needs to be changed ASAP, I spent most of my idle times there fantasizing about the kind of cake to make upon my return to Jakarta, especially with my mum's birthday coming up the very next day. So, during my Balinese massage and full-body papaya scrub, this is the cake I came up with, something that I was sure my mum and family was sure to love:

Keeping the flavors classic and simple, I layered coffee-imbibed chocolate joconde biscuit with bitter chocolate ganache and caramel mousseline. As the French don't seem to like to make their cakes too high, the inspiration for this cake is the Indonesian delicacy "Lapis Legit" which translates to "sweet layers", a delicate cake composed of layers upon layers of delicious buttery sweet cake. So this cake is sort of like my version of a chocolate Opera cake x 3..
I think I'll call it the Whopera.

Eat eat eat...

x Tal