Let them eat chocolate

I know. Another chocolate post.. It wasn't on purpose, I promise. But after some meandering on the world wide web yesterday, I came across this dessert by patissier Hugues Pouget of "Hugo and Victor" and my jaw dropped 3 feet to the ground. Oh. My. Look how perfectly formed and beautiful it is. 

The "Hugo Caramel" by Hugues Pouget

I decided I had to try to recreate this magnificence at home. However, because I didn't want to do a carbon copy, I chose a fruity filling instead of caramel and also changed up the base from a solid sablé to one that is crumbled and has chocolate stirred through it - the "Sablé Breton".

My interpretation of the "Hugo"

Good thing I had bought a kilo of bountiful mini apricots from the markets that morning. They were so sweet and juicy with good acidity, which I thought would pair very well with the roundness of mango mousseline.

Apricots from the market

So I started the day by tempering some chocolate and filling my 8cm chocolate hemisphere moulds. 

I then spread out some tempered chocolate onto a sheet of plastic and cut out hoops using a 9 cm and 6 cm cookie cutters. 

While I left the chocolate to crystallize, I got on to making the sablé biscuit for the "sablé bretton" base.

After baking and cooling

After the biscuit has cooled, it was processed it to resemble fine crumbs.



Melted chocolate is then stirred through the crumble and pressed into 8cm tart moulds.

Press the center with a "1 tbsp" measuring spoon to create a groove for the sphere to sit on.

Chill in the fridge to set.

Then I made the apricot compote and also set it in the fridge to cool.

I then commenced the fabrication of the mango mousseline.

And folded in the cream.

Before long it was montage time!

Place the hoop onto the dark chocolate sablé.

Set a hemisphere of chocolate down and fill with mango mousseline.

Top with some tangy compote.

Sprinkle on some sablé crumbs and edible gold specks.

Put on the top and say..


I decided I actually like the look better without the disk -
to me it looks cleaner. What do you think?

I experimented with a little plating design..
I would love to serve something like this in my future restaurant :)

So there you go, folks!

The Mango, Apricot and Dark Chocolate Sphere

Is complete.

Thanks for reading!

x Tal

ps. in case you didn't know.. this blog is now on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/TalitasKitchen :)

- for 3 to 4 spheres

Dark Chocolate Sablé Breton
40 g egg yolks
80 g sugar
115 g plain flour
4 g baking powder
1 pinch of salt
80 g butter - softened
75 g melted dark chocolate at 40 degrees C

Beat the egg yolks and sugar until lightened in colour
Combine the flour, baking powder and salt - sift if needed
Add the softened butter to the egg and sugar mixture and whisk well
Add in the dry ingredients and lightly work into a dough - do not knead or overwork the dough!
Spread onto a baking sheet at a thickness of 5mm - place in fridge to set if too soft
Bake at 150 degrees C until browned all over and cooked through
Cool completely
Process into crumbs, stir in melted chocolate 
Mould into rings and refrigerate

Apricot Compote
120 g peeled and cubed apricots
juice of 1/2 lime
1 tbsp sugar

Bring all ingredients to a boil and simmer to thicken consistency
Cool completely

Mango Mousseline
150 g mango purée
2 egg yolks
50 g sugar
13g custard powder
75 g butter - cold and cubed
90 ml whipped cream

Whisk egg yolks and sugar until slightly pale. 
Add the custard powder and whisk well.
Heat up puree to a gentle simmer. Pour a third of the puree over the egg mixture, whisk together and pour whole thing back into the saucepan. 
Bring to a boil while stirring and mixing well with a whisk.
Remove from heat, transfer to a mixing bowl and allow to cool to about 45 degrees C. Add in butter cube by cube, cover with plastic wrap (on contact to prevent a skin forming) and allow to cool completely.
When mixture has cooled, fold through cream.


  1. Oh. MY good lord, you are so talented every time I see that you have a new post I get super excited! Xx Elly

  2. You so, so talented! I will definitely eat at your restaurant when you open it. That dessert looks delish

  3. Anonymous24.7.12

    You are an artist, Talita!
    I like it more without the disk as well, less spacy :) How did you get the chocolate ball golden sparkling outside?
    You're an inspiration!
    Your avid fan from the basic course :)

    1. I got it sparkling by brushing it with golden powder after it has been umoulded :)

  4. Awh.. feeling the love, girls.. thanks for the kindness! You have also inspired me to keep baking and creating! And dear Anonymous, come say Hi!! I'd love to hear how you are going at LCB xx

  5. Anonymous28.7.12

    Hi! :)

    It's Merle.
    Intensive basic is over and I am off to my normal life. But would love to come back! Hopefully soon :) Take care and keep the sweets coming :D Thank you!

    1. Hi Merle! I think we've met a couple of times already :)
      Yes! Definitely think about doing intermediate and superior! It was so much fun, and you get to learn to make entremets and other very cool cakes!
      Hope to see you again soon :)

  6. Anonymous4.9.12

    They look amaaaazing! Just wondering, how do you attach the top hemisphere?

    1. Thank youu! You can attach the top by melting it slightly. You can do this by rubbing it quickly onto a lightly heated pan, then pressing it onto the bottom half. But this is optional, it works without attaching too! Hope this helps :)

  7. You are so so so talented. I always wanted to try these kind of desserts, i have seen some on FB and no one wanted to share. I am so so glad I found you and thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. Love you!

  8. very impressed with the recreation! well done! where did u get those hemisphere moulds?

  9. Anonymous1.8.14

    I just discovered your blog from Pinterest and read through so many recipes. All your creations are absolutely gorgeous, especially this rendition; it looks just like Hugo & Victor's :) I actually bought one of their books recently while in Paris. Can't wait to try out this recipe!

  10. This is one of the coolest entremet's i've seen--nice work!

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  12. So so amazing great job