A tea party

Can you believe there's only 1 day left until Christmas? In this fast-paced world, time seems to only accelerate with each passing year! But for me, being back in Jakarta after a brief stint in Auckland and Sydney, I am relieved to finally be able to empty my suitcase and relax with the family.

Recently, I received a large folder of pictures in my inbox of my high tea fundraiser in Auckland taken by power couple Clint and Jo Chang. To give you international folks a snapshot of the lovely event, a blog post was no doubt in order. So let's look through the pictures and recount a beautiful summer afternoon of tea and cakes in Auckland's Grey Lynn.

Out of a desire to share the delicious foods I have been posting on this blog with readers and friends who have shown great support for my sweet endeavors, a tea party seemed like a fun way to share the love. The profits of the event has gone towards the production and pressing of my band Teacups' final record, as because of me being away in Paris this past year, we were unable to perform any gigs and therefore have no money. With the help of the ever resourceful Sarah Firmston from Bread and Butter Letter, we were able to attain a few sponsorships which helped the event to take shape and materialize. 

Amanda from The Vintage Table allowed us the use of her precious vintage china. Believe it or  not, every single delicate cup, saucer and plate set out we were using were all unique! After all the tables were set and the people were seated in their seats, the only thing that we seemed to be missing was the "Mad Hatter" himself.

The Informal Organic Tea Company kindly sent us several packets of their aromatic teas for the guests to enjoy between bites of decadent cakes and cookies. The most popular tea of the day was the "Fresh Mint". The combination of organic Spearmint and Peppermint with the earthiness of Rosemary, with notes floral Lavender left lasting impressions on many of our guests.

The Caker sure needs no introduction. Jordan Rondel's baby-cakes were a huge hit at the party! Though the red velvet ones were the first to go, I managed to sneak in a couple of bites of both and thought that they were both equally scrumptious!
The Caker's gluten free chocolate and red velvet baby cakes
Gluten free chocolate baby cake
Dave Parker's beautiful gingerbread house was the centerpiece of the occasion. If you look carefully, you'll see that it was filled with gingerbread men!

And here is a taster of what I whipped up for the afternoon:

Hokey Pokey macarons, 
Lemon diamants, 
Cheese and basil scones

Smoked salmon and cream cheese blini

Rhubarb compote and lemon cream tartlets with pistachio base 

Beetroot sandwiches,
Almond croissants

Dark chocolate brownies

Lavender opera cake

Triple chocolate bavarian cream cups

I enlisted the help of some of my more musical friends for some light entertainment. The music provided by these talented cats really helped set the relaxed atmosphere. 

and the smooth sounds of..

So all in all it was a magical afternoon filled with many happy faces and satisfied tummies. 

Will you please come next time?

Merry Christmas everyone :)

x Tal

A massive thank you to Martin Paris, Hongi Luo, Chelsea Metcalf, Nici Metcalf and Liz Stokes for their helping hands which made this event a success!


  1. Merry Christmas Talita! beautiful pics,

  2. Anonymous17.1.13

    Congratulations Talita...beautiful pics! recipe for triple chocolate bavarian cream cups pls!

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