A Mango Cake

Hello dears, how are you all doing? So I've been back in Jakarta for about two months now, thought I'd give you a general update on how I've been faring. In a few words, it has been an awesome time! Last night a visiting French friend pointed out aptly to say that there is no recession here and everyone looks happy and positive. Though there are of course still many underlying problems in this country, the general aura of the masses is good. Therefore, returning to my birth country after 15 years abroad, I feel welcomed and optimistic. The people I've been able to meet in the industry so far have been so supportive and encouraging towards my passion, and I am pumped to finally start a career here.

Since I did my last post on the ubiquitous banana, today's cake utilizes another one of Indonesia's best fruits - MANGO! (Relax guys, it's not the durian post yet. Lol.) The mangoes in Indonesia are truly some of the best in the world! There are many different varieties such as the aromatic Harumanis, citrusy-sour Gedong and sweet Manalagi. Mangoes come in season when climate reaches its hottest and driest, so right now is the perfect time to make yourselves a mango mousse cake!

This mango cake is comprised of mango mousseline, vanilla syrup genoise, sour red fruit and hibiscus compote and crunchy almond and brown sugar layer. It is decorated with macaroons, for which you can find the recipe in my previous blog post. 

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Thanks guys, enjoy the mango cake!

x Tal

Mango Mousse Cake with Hibiscus and Red Fruit Compote
Makes an 8-inch cake

Red fruit and hibiscus chunky compote
100 g raspberry puree
100 g strawberries - cut into quarters
30 g sugar
1/4 t hibiscus extract
1 leaf gelatin - soaked and drained

Prepare a 6 inch mousse cake ring with cling film at its base.
In a saucepan, cook raspberry puree, sugar and strawberries until strawberries are soft.
Add gelatin and hibiscus extract off heat.
Pour in to cake ring - thickness 5mm.
Freeze completely.

120 g flour
4 eggs
120 g sugar
20 ml melted butter - lukewarm

Heat the oven to 180 degrees C, butter and line a 9 inch cake pan.
Prepare a bain marie (hot water bath).
In a metal bowl, whisk eggs and sugar until sugar is dissolved.
Place atop the bain marie and whisk until it reaches the temperature of 45 degrees C.
Take off heat and whisk by hand or by machine until thick and ribboning.
Add flour and fold with a large spatula.
Lastly, add in melted butter and fold with spatula.
Place into cake pan and bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown and cooked.

When cooled completely, split cake in half.
Cut using a 7 inch cake ring into 7 inch circles.

Vanilla syrup
50 g sugar
100 ml water
1/8 t vanilla powder

Bring all ingredients to a rolling boil, set aside to cool completely.

Mango mousseline
400 g mango puree
200 g butter - room temperature
3 egg yolks
140 g sugar
15 g corn or potato starch
225 g whipped cream
1 leaf gelatin - soaked and strained

Whisk egg yolks and 80 g sugar until lightened in colour, add cornstarch and mix again.
Heat up the mango puree and 60 g sugar until bubbling pour into the egg mixture while whisking.
Return to the saucepan and bring to boil while mixing with a whisk.
Boil for 2 minutes to cook the starch.
Add in the gelatin off heat and whisk again.
Place mixture into a clean bowl, cling film in contact, cool completely in the fridge.
Whip the butter with the paddle attachment on your mixer or by hand until soft and creamy.
Add in the mango mixture in 4 additions until mixed.
Lastly, fold in the whipped cream with a large spatula.
Place into a piping bag.

Almond crunch
50 g almond butter - unsweetened
1/4 cup palette feulletine
30 g sugar (skip if almond butter is sweetened)

Combine all ingredients, use immediately

Mango mirror glaze

Prepare mousse cake ring with acetate tape and place on top of a cake board.
Pipe a ring of mousse at its base circumference.

Place a genoise circle at its base and imbibe with vanilla syrup.

Add a layer of almond crunch, pipe a thin layer of mousse.

Fill with layer of mousse, smooth up to the top.

Place another genoise cake on top and imbibe again with vanilla syrup.

Place the compote insert on top of the genoise.

Cover neatly with more mango mousse, freeze completely.

When frozen, glaze with mango glaze, remove ring and acetate tape.

Stick macarons on its side using mango mousse, decorate as you please.



  1. I admire very much your work and I hope I could one day make one of your dessert. In fact, maybe I could start with this mango cake, but the problem is that I cannot find a way to make that mango glaze. Is it only mango mousse and gelatine? Any help with this would be highly appreciated. Thank you again for sharing these wonderful recipes.

  2. Hi Talita, I admire your work a lot and this one is outstanding.
    Can you clarify this question for me...I do not get almond butter here, what can I substitute it with? Also I have gelatine powder, how many grams of gelatine powder should I use instead of 1 leaf.
    Please mail me at shiva.deepa@gmail.com

    1. Hello Deepa, you can substitute almond butter for regular almond praline. You can substitute 1 leaf of gelatin with 2 g of gelatin powder. Thanks for the questions :)

    2. Hi Talita
      You mean to say I can subtitute almond praline instead of almond butter?


    3. Also How to make the Mango glaze?


    4. Yes you can use almond praline instead of almond butter. I used ready made mango glaze for this recipe. You can purchase it from a specialty bake shop. Thanks

  3. Deepa Shiva3.12.13

    thank you Talita :)

  4. Hi Talita, thanks for your amazing recipe. I made this cake for my daughter's third birthday, and everybody loved it. At first I was a bit skeptical about using mousseline as I am not a huge fan of butter creams, but it came out just fine and delicious. Thank you so much! (I wish I knew how to insert a picture... so this is a link to my humble version of your cake http://s43.radikal.ru/i101/1403/81/139b6a65a569.jpg )

  5. Hello, I'm on your work was very pleasantly surprised. If I want to add some mango mousse inside the right amount of coconut milk, instead of butter, you think how do we go?

  6. Hi, please can you advice how long does it to take to thaw this cake and what's the best way to do it? Thanks

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