These past two months at Le Cordon Bleu, I have learnt to make numerous tarts, sponge cakes, pastries, petit fours, mousses, meringues and many many more delicious things. But this cold, cloudy morning, I found myself missing the humble muffin. Back in Auckland, these are easily found in any neighborhood coffee shop. In Paris, though there are baguettes, eclairs, and tarts-a-plenty.. One may find it a bit of a difficult task to track down these snack-size quick breads of happiness.

blueberry muffins

good with tea.
great with friends.



  1. The camaraderie among fellow culinary enthusiasts added a special flavor to the experience. Together, they exchanged tips, shared triumphs, and occasionally laughed over the charming mishaps that are a part of any culinary learning journey.

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