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I love log cakes. Not only do they bake faster and much more evenly than boring round and square cakes, they are very easy to cut up and serve too! It also does not hurt if they happen to be pistachio flavoured and fully encased in CHOCOLATE. No sir. The "Buche Pistache-Chocolat" is not messing around.

I find that learning pastry is like being a magician's apprentice. In the past, when I've seen this cake in patisseries, I've always wondered as to how the chefs manage to compose this cake neatly and glaze it so smoothly.  Going to class and seeing exactly how it is done is like learning a new magic trick..!

The chocolate glaze is a mixture of chocolate, sugar and vegetable oil. It comes pre-made in a little bucket, and you melt it completely before, using a large ladle, you coat the cake in:


I was the person foolish enough to be the first to go up to the "glazing station" in the class. With Chef Jordan's intimidating watchful eye, I took a deep breath and just went for it. 

"Tres bien! C'est parfait ça!" said the chef.

thank. goodness.

You may be wondering why I put flowers all around it.. it's a log cake, ok. 
The pistachios on top are supposed to be like leaves on a vine.

I don't know if you got all that.. lol.


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  1. Anonymous26.6.13

    wow...could you share your recipes?