White chocolate, Strawberry and Pomegranate

When I received the email bearing the offer to contribute a few recipes to Femina magazine, I couldn't click that reply button fast enough to say a big fat "YES". I'd been lucky enough to have recipes featured on a few publications, but for me Femina is very special. Why? Because it's the magazine that my mother has been getting weekly eversince I was a kid. It's the magazine I use to see lying around all around the house, and it's the magazine I would see her try recipes out of from time to time. I guess you can say that Femina holds a fair amount of my sentiment. So to not only be featured in the 2014 Annual edition of Femina but also be placed alongside my bold and talented friend Arnold Poernomo and the sweet Amelia Listianawati is pretty damn unreal! (And I don't swear that often on this blog)

So today I will share a variation of one of the recipes that is currently featured in the magazine. The White Chocolate, Strawberry and Pomegranate Tart. 

One cannot deny that the contrast of the red pomegranate over the smooth white chocolate glaze is super eye catching and intriguing. Perhaps it will entice you to give this recipe a go. 

x Tal


Sweet tart base
200 g all-purpose flour
100 g butter - cold, cubed
50 g ground almonds
85 g powdered sugar
1 egg

Sift and combine all the dry ingredients
Add in cubed butter and work into the dry ingredients with fingertips to resemble small crumbs
Add in the egg and work into dry ingredients until half-incorporated.
To achieve a homogenous dough, smear the crumbs onto the counter with the heel of your hand. Careful not to overwork the dough!
Dough will be very soft, wrap up with a sheet of baking paper, and refrigerate until firm.
Butter tart rings well (I am using 8cm tart rings).
When cooled, place dough onto a floured working surface.
Roll out with a rolling pin and with the help of flour to a thickness of 2-3mm 
Line the tart rings, pressing well onto the sides. Make sure the bases are at a right angle.
Cut off excess dough with a small knife
Rest tart shells in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before baking
Poke bases with fork to prevent from rising
Bake at 175 degrees C for about 15-20 minutes. Cool completely.

White Chocolate Mousse
100 gr white chocolate
100 gr whipping cream
1 vanilla bean's pulp
- - - 
250 gr whipping cream

Place white chocolates in a bowl and melt in a microwave
Bring 100 gr of whipping cream and vanilla bean pulp to a simmer
Pour hot cream over the chocolates and stir with a whisk
Set aside to cool to room temperature
Whip the remaining cream until firm
Using a whisk, slowly incorporate the cooled chocolate mixture into the cream
Using a piping bag, pipe into silicon moulds and freeze completely

Strawberry Bavarian Cream
10 gelatin leaves
- - - 
250 ml full-cream milk
4 egg yolks
40 g sugar
- - -
600 g strawberries
45 ml lemon juice
- - -
375 ml whipping cream

Soak gelatin leaves in a bowl of icy water until soft, squeeze and set aside until needed
Put the milk in a saucepan and bring to a simmer
Whisk the egg yolks with the sugar until lightened in colour
Pour in part of the warm milk into the egg yolks and whisk
Place the egg yolk mixture into the milk and cook over low heat with a wooden spoon until creamy and coats the spoon
Take off heat, whisk in the softened gelatin 
Place into a blender bowl and add in the strawberries and lemon juice
Blend all together until mixed and strain into a clean bowl
Cool to room temperature
Whip the 375 ml of cream to until soft peaks
Fold through the strawberry mixture into the cream until incorporated
Place into a piping bag and use immediately

Pomegranate Jelly
300 ml fresh pomegranate juice
75 g sugar
3 gr neutral agar-agar powder

Mix agar-agar with the sugar, set aside 
Place pomegranate juice into a saucepan, whisk in agar-agar and sugar
Bring to a boil
Take off heat
Pour into cake pan 6 mm high
Freeze completely, cut into circles with a cookie cutter

White Chocolate Glaze
400 g white chocolate
150 g whipping cream
20 g glucose
350 g neutral jelly glaze

Melt the white chocolate
Bring the cream and glucose to a boil, pour into the white chocolate
Use a whisk to incorporate
Add in glucose and neutral jelly glaze
Mix with an immersion blender
Set aside and use at 35 degrees C

Baked and cooled tart shells
Strawberry bavarian cream
Frozen pomegranate jelly discs
Frozen white chocolate mousse discs
White chocolate glaze
Corn syrup

Pipe in a spiral of strawberry mousse at the base of each tart shell
Place frozen pomegranate jelly discs on top, press down slightly
Place a little corn syrup on top of the jelly disk to stick the chantilly disc
Glaze the frozen chantilly discs with white chocolate glaze
Place the glazed white chocolate mousse discs on top of the ensemble
Decorate with fresh strawberries and pomegranate seeds

- - - 


  1. Thank you for your recipes. I'm from Russia. I'm mad about your blog and your works so beatiful. I like to bake to, but now I understand, how much I should learn.

  2. Anonymous11.2.14

    I just found your blog through instagram. Love...love..it!!! Where can you find neutral jelly glaze, clear mirror glaze in Indo? And where can you find Valrhona Chocolate? Love all your creation 😊

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I have a question. How much weight a sheet of gelatin?

  4. Anonymous14.12.15

    i love this ,but what can be used instead of jelly glaze i cant find what that is ??

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  6. I m sure that all of these yummy. where did you get that pretty cake stand.
    Thanks for sharing your recipes. I have learnt so much from you.
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