Baba au Vieux Rhum

The "baba au rhum" is a well known and very well old french dessert.
It is composed of an enriched brioche-like dough which has been 
dunked in a pot of hot syrup and rum, and usually garnished with
chantilly cream, or in this case "crème légère" which is pastry cream
lightened with a good dose of whipped cream.

This dessert marked the beginning of our journey through superior pastry!
The generous imbibing of the "baba" gives it a texture of.. well..
soggy bread. But in a good way!

This dessert was first invented by one Nicolas Stohrer, a clever
patissier to the exiled king of Poland Stanislas, who resided in 
Alsace, France in the 18th century. There are a few myths and 
legends floating about, of how this dessert was first conceived. 
But my favourite one is the one where Stohrer decided to dip
the brioche dough into syrup so that the aging ex-king 
with no teeth could still enjoy his favourite pastry
even with his lack of chewing ability.

Awesome story, huh.

You definitely need a bit of quirk to be a pastry chef ;)

Bon appétit!

x Tal

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  1. Looks yummy, I like the story about the ex-king :)