Dessert Dissection

A cold and wet day in Paris..
Martin and I didn't really feel like exploring the city today..
But a little voice inside of me would not let me stay inside all day 
on a perfectly good saturday afternoon.
Oh, don't misunderstand.. I'm not talking about the voice of reason..
I'm talking about the sound of 
my spoiled stomach. 

So I woke Martin up from his nap, put on a scarf, beanie and jacket
and it was not long until we were on our way in search of something sweet.

Not wanting to deviate too far from our warm, dry nest of an apartment
we decided to go to a nearby establishment called
"Des Gateaux et Du Pain" on Blvd Pasteur which is a mere
two metro stops away from home.

However, its close proximity was not the only reason 
why I chose to go there..

this chocolate egg is the reason:

What.. but it's just a chocolate egg, say you.


Look inside.


Check out the detailing on the seed!!

It has never crossed my mind before,  
but Easter in Paris is going to be rather rockin'.
Back in Auckland, my idea of an easter egg fix was 
a quick trip to the neighbourhood "Warehouse" and picking up 
a couple baskets full of marshmallow eggs or caramel filled mini-eggs.
But I am sure looking forward to the plethora of creatively
conceptualized lenten embryos that Parisian patisseries will
no doubt offer their religiously loyal patrons.

While I was there at the patisserie/boulangerie/chocolaterie
that looked more like an art galery.. 
I thought I may as well pick up a couple of pastries
to tie me over 'til dinner time.
(And I justified my gluttony by saying it's for blogging purposes.)

This one is a "Pomme tatin au sirop d'érable"
(apple "turnover" with maple syrup)

The tarts at "Des Gateaux et Du Pain" share a distinguishing feature,
their protruding fillings which seem to magically suspend themselves
over the usually vertically constraining tart shell.

When I read the description of the tart at the shop,
I was filled with question and wonder
as to how they manage to fit all its components
into this conservative looking package.

Ok so here's what's inside:
Sweet short pastry base with chopped pecan, 
cream and maple syrup layer on top...
followed by ladyfinger biscuit imbibed with caramel
and finally a "disc" of caramelized apple flavoured with more maple syrup.

And yes. It was really good.
Although I didn't get as much a maple syrup flavour 
as I did a strong smack of caramel and apple as I would've liked.
And it was a smidgen too sweet for my taste. 
I'll give this one a rating of 7.5 out of 10!

Martin chose this next one.
I guess if you wake your boyfriend from a nap and
make him put on some nice pants and shoes to go out 
walking in the cold you'd better let him pick out at least one thing.

Tarte Mangue Vanille
(Mango and Vanilla Tart)

Martin loves mango eclairs from Fauchon,
drinks mango juice by the gallon, 
and always orders mango lassi when given the option.
So it was not a surprising choice.
Martin knows to play it safe when he's got a good thing going.

Upon dissection of the treat, I was most impressed
by the neatly composed layers of goodness.
Shortbread crust, almond cream base, roasted mango, mango cream,
and Madagascan vanilla bean chiboust cream. 

Chiboust cream is made of pastry cream and meringue.
I have no idea how they managed to get their chiboust this firm
and smooth. The one I made at school for the Tressor Vanille-Framboise
was not as successful. Hahaha.

Out of the three tarts, this one was the first to be 
consumed in its entirety by two jostling forks. 
Using the freshest fruits and high quality ingredients,
such a simple pairing becomes a pastry masterpiece.
I give this one a 9.5/10
(Sorry for eating lots of it, Mart)

Next treat. OK. Fine.. I'll admit it..
I am attracted to shiny things.

Look at how shiny this Savarin is!!

Of course I had to taste it.

This pastry is composed simply of "pâte à baba" which is 
a more buttery version of the brioche which is HEAVILY (and I do mean 
every sense of the word heavily) soaked with rum and citrus syrup, 
and topped with a little rosette of chantilly cream.

I am a big fan of rum, so I didn't mind the strong aroma so much.
But Martin was quickly overwhelmed by the alcohol and complained
that is overcame all the other components. (I think he was just 
grumpy because I finished his mango tart.)
But I think we both agreed that it needed more chantilly
cream to round up the flavours a bit.

I give this one a 7.9/10

I have decided that assessing and assigning pastries numerical grades
is something that I can get used to.

Maybe I will do more of this in the future.

I am so spoiled living here, I can't believe it.

x Tal

Des Gateaux et Du Pain
63 Boulevard Pasteur  75015 Paris, France
01 45 38 94 16


  1. Wow so amazing I want to sample a few, I have to plan a trip to Paris....
    Thanks for sharing
    Polly x

  2. Hi Talita, just found your blog (Martin had posted a link to his tumblr on facebook and there was a link to here). Martin and I went to high school together, we knew each other but were never that close, but I had seen that he likes 30 Rock, Parks & Rec and Arrested Development so knew we had a similar appreciation for tv at least!
    Well I also have an appreciation for what I see on your blog! So far it all looks amazing! (have just quickly read the first page, and then skipped to the beginning to see how it all started - got a laugh re Martin living in 'the bubble', damn him!)
    Anyway, didn't want to just poke around on your blog without saying hello. Hope you don't mind if I come back to read some more!
    PS. You have reminded me why I need to not spend Easter in London. Last year we were in Hyères and Nice and it was so much more exciting than Cadbury's - even if they do sell at 3-for-1 at Tesco!

  3. Hello Tim! Thanks for your message! Do you live in London? That's not too far away from Paris, you know! ;)

  4. Yes, so close! My partner and I are over in Paris next month (19th-20th May) for a quick weekend trip, will have pop over to Le Cordon Bleu or Talita's kitchen for some sampling!! We also love 'Top Chef: Just Desserts', it's just like your blog in tv format!

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