Intermediate.. what a blast it was.

It hasn't sunk in yet.. that I am now in the third and final stage of my
cuisine and patisserie studies at Le Cordon Bleu.
Two more months and I will have to leave one of the best experiences of my life, 
and go forth in search for more new and exciting challenges.

Both my cuisine and patisserie exams went quite well..
Apart from forgetting to place the parsley garnish
atop my "Basque-country-stye" chicken dish in the flurry of trying to 
present everything in time for tasting by the juries.. 
I was happy with the way my offering tasted. 

For the pastry exam, I was lucky enough to score
a dessert that I was very comfortable in reproducing..
The delicious Tarte Passion-Framboise
I was a little unsure come decorating time however, 
as Chef Cotte has said that the decor I did in the practical for this tart was
"un peu trop".. and "un peu big-mama comme moi". 
So I tried to tone it down a LITTLE BIT and hoped that it was still classy 'nuf. 

But the decor must have been just right, as at the graduation ceremony
when they were announcing the top 5 achievers in patisserie,
it was my name that was called up to receive the highly contended 1st place!
I was very honoured and grateful, as I have seen the calibre of
products my classmates continually produce week by week.
I knew I had to work doubly hard to keep up with the pastry students,
whilst also making sure my cuisine studies are up to standard.

By the end of exams I was pretty mentally exhausted. 

But I'm glad that I gave it everything I had, 
as now I can honestly say that 
YES. I do deserve that top spot!

Me with Chef Patrick Caals, Chef Marc Thivet and Chef Xavier Cotte

4 of the top 5 in pastry with the chefs 

Chef Xavier Cotte (patissier, chocolatier, cuisiner, glacer, confectionair) and I

Again, I hope I've made you proud NZ friends. 
Thank you for always reading my jibber-jabber..
I always think of you guys when I'm in class finishing up my creations :)
Missing you all!

(especially you Chelsea, Liz, Dave and Sarah.. 
Thanks for always reading my nonsensical ramblings)

And thanks to MARTIN for being so patient with
his highly "on-edge" girlfriend during exam periods.

Now here's to superior!!

xo Tal


  1. 1st place!!! Holy frick!!! Proud isn't the word... I don't know what is but... Its far more grand than proud.

    You are like an amazon goddess of patisserie.

  2. Holy frick times two! Congratulations Talita! I've got no idea how you do it.

  3. Thanks for all your support guys.. Feeling the love! <3 x

  4. Congratulations! x