french revision

thursday nights = revision for my friday morning french lessons.

croissants with all that waiting time.. seemed to be the perfect thing to have going on .. on the side :)

a few months ago i threw my good buddy ben a three-course dinner party for his birthday - complete with a triple chocolate mustache cake. he and our 6 guests loved it. to say thank you, he gave me michel roux's pastry book as suggested by book-store friend henry. 

martin txted me from work a couple of weeks ago, about a delicious maple syrup and almond croissant he was eating. salivating, i asked him to get me one. the next day he went to the cafe and they sold out.. the day after that, he forgot. him forgetting and them selling out went on for a couple of weeks. which annoyed me. and i still have not gotten my croissant! so i decided to try to make my own. just plain and chocolate though, for now :)

meryl streep cooked up chocolate croissants in the movie "it's complicated" for steve martin's character, in the middle of the night in no time at all. can you imagine my surprise to read that the recipe takes roughly 8 hours of waiting time?!?! i mean sure, "magic of television" blah blah blah.. but this is plain ridiculous. damn split screen and cross editing.

but too late. mind made up. i want them croissants.

4-hour chilled dough.
3 turns and rolling out with 30 minutes of chilling time in between. 
every time the timer went off my heart skipped a beat.

finally. the fun part!

cutting out triangles with a cardboard template.

cute little things eh :)

brush with egg wash.. 2 hours of rising time..

12 minutes at 170 degrees.. and voila!

i have never tasted croissants fresh from the oven.. crispy and warm.. until now.

and i gotta say.. 

goodness gracious me.


ps. thank you to geoff dearest for taking the first few photos.


  1. Oh my Tailta - You are making me droool.



  2. I always want to make the croissant but always too lazy! Haha! Yours look fantastic! Love that croissant scene from it's complicated too, nancy meyers is awesome, love all her movies :)

  3. Yummmm. Psst: http://geoffongmusic.blogspot.com/
    Also, you named this 'Frech Revision' lol

  4. Dear Geoff: so weird. i didn't see anything wrong with what i typed. i checked the title 5 times after you comment and still did not see it.. lol! but yes. i see it now. thaaanks geofff..... :(

  5. Dear Eva: the croissants look really good in photos, but in reality they did not rise as much to their fullest potential.. next time i'm going to try use fresh yeast.. fingers crossed! they're really fun to make!!! i'm sure you wont feel lazy once you get going! very rewarding hehe.