teacups' cake stall with my buddy chel

hi guys! so, today was the third time teacups cake stall has been open for business. and i must say, it has been quite a transformation from our first stall to our third - and possibly last for now.. (i will go into this later.. quite bittersweet..)

our first stall at cassette supermarkets in the month of march of this year:
cupcakes, cakepops, mustache cakes and macarons.

i had just finished a course in cake decorating when i decided to put my new skills into practice. these were my first batches of macarons, i found that though they were very time consuming to make, they are rewarding, fun and dangerously addictive!
(and not as hard as people make them out to be! you just gotta believe in yoself!)

our second stall was at crafternoon tea in the month of april:

 it was easter time so i made easter themed cakepops! easter eggs, bunnies, chicks and.. easter.. owls? children loved them, kept asking their parents to buy them one! happiness on a stick!

after taking some time off for schoolwork in may, we were back in june at crafternoon tea with a vengeance!

i've only made four types of macarons for other stalls in the past, but i couldn't stop envisioning a long row of neatly aligned macarons in every colour of the rainbow. i was so excited about how neat and eye-catching they would look. and true enough, people were definitely more inclined to buy more when there are more flavour selections! in the previous markets, customers would only buy around one or two, but this time, we were selling them in lots of four and eight! boo yeah!

flavours from the left.. 
caramel, vanilla, blueberry, blackcurrant, plum, pistachio, hazelnut, rose, passionfruit, white chocolate/raspberry and dark chocolate/orange.

martin took all the pics in this post fyi :) i am very grateful he could come along..

i initially planned to have twelve different flavours, but one flavour - lemon - got very mushy as the filling was too watery.. i added some lemon juice to the zest-buttercream as i thought it didn't taste lemony enough.. which.. ended up.. backfiring.. hehe.. whoopsie.

i made 242 macarons in total!

and sold over 200! 
we had some left over in the end which we gave away to neighbouring stall holders at the end of the day!


mini pastries!
i woke up at 7am this morning to bake these babies after they were left overnight to rise rise rise!

yummy chocolate croissants..

and sultana pastry wheels..!


they were very popular indeed :)


and last but definitely not the least favourite:

mini tarts! (guess you would've figured out by now that i like my food to be bite-sized..)

lemon, dark chocolate and dark chocolate/passionfruit.

aren't these roses pretty? i thought they would bring life onto stall. 
roses are my favourite. aren't they yours?

martin takes 'em pictures good.

anyways... thanks for getting right to the end of this extremely long post! i just want to do a quick mention to my beautiful friend and stall partner chelsea.. who is like a sister to me. a belle of many talents, this girl can do it all! we also have a band together called teacups with our buddy liz - hence "teacups' cake stall" (if you didn't know hehe)! 

and thank you so much for all the people who came and and visited our stall today - and especially those who heard about it from chelsea's plug on her "oh my blog" segment on 95bfm. we have had so much fun being part of the crafternoon tea market, and therefore quite saddened by the fact that this will be our last stall for a while.. i'm going to jakarta next week you see.. for my grandmother's 75th birthday party.. and then after that, i'll be going to paris start my cuisine and patisserie diploma in le cordon bleu for 9 months.. but fear not! our stall will be back next year better than ever of course! ;)

a bientot!



  1. Not only did your chocolate croissant taste delicious but all of your treats AND you AND Chelsea AND the photos look BEAUTIFUL. GREAT JOB FRIENDS. YOU ARE SO TALENTED.

  2. The rainbow rows of macarons look amazing. And Martin, you are a pro as photographer! See, I do read your blog Tal... :)

  3. Dear Dave: Naw..... thanks Dave!! How come you couldn't come along?! would've loved to see you there, buddy!

    Dear Isaac: thanks for reading Isaac!! too bad you weren't there to taste them.. ;) hehe

  4. Anonymous28.6.11

    Oh, I was counting down the days 'til the next Crafternoon Tea ... I couldn't wait to get my hands on more macarons! Salted Caramel, passionfruit, orange/dark choc ... mmmmm, they were my favs. Just gorgeous. I'll be hanging out 'til next year! Best wishes to you on your culinary adventures, (I was the one that heard about you on B and came along with my son and Couldn't. Stop. Buying. Macarons.) Yummmmm,
    Maria :)

  5. Oh I wish I'd been around. You can bet your booties I'd have bought at LEAST one of every colour of macaron. Mouth watering now!

  6. Anonymous5.9.12

    Can you do a macaron recipe? I would love to see how you make them!

    1. Hello! You're right, I haven't done a macaron recipe yet. I will do one soon! Thanks x

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