pains au chocolat for breakfast

BEHOLD! full sized pastries! tat-tat-ta-daaaaa.....!!

turns out the missing link was indonesia's hot and humid climate. yeast just loves it :)

yes, so here i am in the family home in jakarta; very happy to finally have a full house of people to eat my food, and proud to present to them what i've learnt and experimented with these past few months. my parents have a pilates instructor come in twice a week at 6.30am to give them private classes which is pretty awesome, but she was not impressed at what we were going to have for breakfast after! but you'd have to agree that a freshly baked pains au chocolat is definitely worth a couple extra crunches.. :)

here they are before proofing

aand after 2 hours of proofing!
look how puffy they got :)

my sister tania helped to brush them with egg wash..

and they got fatter still in the oven!


i got to use french butter to make these too! i usually use local butter back in auckland, but in jakarta all imported butter costs just as expensive... so.. i thought it was a good opportunity to try "beurre de france"! i found that french butter has a slight tanginess, yet a subtler flavour compared to the nz butter i am used to. yum! c'est delicieux!

x talita


  1. They look very cute after 2 hours of proofing :)

  2. that's what i thought too!! like pigs in a blanket :)

  3. Wow! I want that too! Hihi I can imagine that pilates instructor freaked out about the amount of butter in that delicious pains au chocolat :D