pizza margarita

hello! so. i bought a new mixer.. a kenwood chef km300.

i know i was supposed to get the kitchenaid.. but decided against it for a few reasons:

1. it's too heavy - i can not bring it to paris with me
2. it costs more than double this one
3. the kenwood chef looks like a lol sewing machine.
4. i haggled this thing down quite passionately tonight at "the good guys". it's their last machine in the store, their display, and i got it for $170 less the rrp :)

so. for now...

i am pleased.

i still have not given up on my kitchenaid artisan in pistachio, though. i will get it. eventually!!!!

to celebrate the newest addition to my kitchen.. i decided to make pizza margarita with it for dinner.

isn't it weird that sometimes the fewer the ingredients the more delicious the dish is. i had the same apprehension about pizza margarita as i had about garlic spaghetti.. where do all the flavours come from?! anyway. tomato + basil + italian herbs + mozarella = yea mate.

here's my foolproof delicious thin crust recipe:

8g package of dry yeast
1t sugar
1c warm water (water from the tap almost too hot to touch)
2.5c high grade flour
2T olive oil
1t salt
1/2t italian seasoning (or a little bit of oregano, rosemary, basil
and thyme.. whatever you have on hand)

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. In a medium bowl,
dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water. Let stand until creamy, about
10 minutes.

Stir in flour, italian seasoning, salt and oil. Beat until smooth. Let
rise for 1 hour. (you can skip resting if you're short for time - the result is still good!)

Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface, halve in two, and roll each into a round shape.

forming the pizza dough to a nice perfect circle was really hard! 
mine was not perfect.

one can of pureed italian tomatoes for the base of two pizzas

some fresh tomatoes on top..

good time to season now with salt and pepper..


martin made salads, pinenuts are growing on me..

i love making my own pizza at home, 
as i can regulate the amount of cheese that gets put on it.
i did not put very much on, and this pizza was not greasy at the slightest.

the fresh basil really makes the pizza margarita.

man. one of the best pizza's i've ever tasted, if i may say so myself hehe.. 

y'all need to come over for this.

in other news, teacups cake stall has received confirmation about opening up shop at crafternoon tea next saturday 18th of june in kingsland.  I AM EXCITED. we will be selling 12 different flavours of macarons, some mini tarts, croissants and cake pops. it'll be a huge week of baking for me coming up to this fun event. please do come and find my stall buddy chelsea and i, and sample some of the delicious pastries and cakes we'll have on offer :)

'til then!

x talita

ps. thank you to mi amor martin for taking most of the pictures!


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  2. I bumped into your blog while searching for a shop to buy kenwood stand mixer in Jakarta.
    I am in India but my sister-in-law is in Jakrta she is a teacher in a school there. I have been wanting to buy a stand mixer and these are not available in India. So I thought I'll ask my sis-in-law to get one from jakarta. Can you tell me where you got yours from or any other place where one get buy it. How has been your experience with kenwood? did you get the kitchenaid? which of the two you think is better? any help would be great.