mario kart championship and leaving party

it's kind of scary to think i have only 8 more days here in auckland before i set off into foreign european territory.. a friend suggested that i host a little get together to be seen off.. so martin and i decided to host a mario kart championship on nintendo 64 to get the crowds a'comin. i am so grateful to have been blessed with such beautiful, good-hearted friends that i decided to honour them with lots and lots of food. a little way for me to give back the looove :)

we start with..

a five layer pumpkin and carrot cake with cream cheese icing. 

a little lopsided as you can see... stacking five cakes is harder than i anticipated... the result.. almost disastrous.. but i think i managed to pass it off as being.. "rustic".. lol

a classic chocolate tart..

some much requested macarons.. 

vanilla bean, salted caramel and peppermint chocolate :)

and i thought i'd better make something savoury so that people would not get too rowdy on sugar..

mini bacon and spinach quiches!

these disappeared very very fast!

at the end of the night.. martin won the tournament.. 
hosts usually do not win their own tournaments.. 
but he said it would have been disrespectful to the championship to not do his best.

that's all good and well i guess..

but i hope i still have friends after this..



ps. thanks to hongi for most of the photos! 

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