my own macaron class

i'm currently at the airport lounge in doha awaiting my plane bound for paris feeling quite a cocktail of emotions. looking back on my last hectic couple of weeks in auckland, i get slight heart palpitations. how did i fit all of those last minute things in?! so many band rehearsals, so much baking..! i recorded ALL my parts for teacups' upcoming EP all day saturday.. and even held a full on macaron class on sunday before I had to leave tuesday morning. it was crazy. it was berserk. it was full on. although because of all this my immune system is on the fritz, i guess i'm quite happy i got to see so many friendly faces before i had to leave :)

about the macaron class, out of the blue sometime last week, chelsea suggested that i should hold my own macaron class before i go, she even offered me her kitchen to use. (thanks chelsea!) if anyone has been to chelsea's place, they'd know that her place is pretty much perfect for anything that involves hoards of people.. and how could i have said no to those pretty blue eyes of hers? so i said alright. bring it on. 

within two days of the facebook event and the blogpost went online.. the class of 20 is fully booked! 

we piped some and baked some shells..

filled them with ganache and buttercream..
(we made rose, pistachio, salted caramel, lavender and 
toblerone if your stomach was wondering)

and everyone got to take a box home!

(there was way more steps than that, people. it wasn't that easy! the people that 
was there can tell you about all the drama that unfolded! hahaha) 

martin took a lot of film footage for a video he's working on for our Toblerone sponsorship.. so stay tuned for that! i'll post it as soon as he finishes editing it.

ok. i think my flight has just been announced. man. i don't know about you guys, but i am excited for "talita's kitchen PARIS EDITION!" :)

talk again soon

ps. check out sarah of bread and butter letter's blog post about the night here - thanks sarah! 

update 19.09.11
here's the video we did for toblerone from the night!


  1. Yess! I took that photo of the boxes!

  2. Can't wait for Talita's Kitchen POST Paris Edition. I have a feeling there'll be more macaroons for me to eat around that time. p.s., salted caramel really is superb.

  3. @dave: thanks dave, you are the boss.
    @georgie: yes, i have a feeling Post Paris Edition would be streets ahead. hehehe x