the best way to learn is from the stomach and you can quote me on that

it's kind of crazy to realize that i've been in paris for almost a month now.. as if just watching the news everyday about the rugby world cup at home is not making me homesick already, martin finishes editing the video he took at my macaron class with so many friendly faces all the way through it..

amidst headaches with the dodgy oven, and silly talks about "toble-robes" and "roblerones" we managed pipe, bake and garnish several batches of these macarons to enjoy at the end of the night.

thank you to the wonderful chelesea for hosting all of us at her lovely flat.

thank you to the hunky martin paris for filming and editing the video. 
like the backing track? it's "magic song" from my band teacups' album forest fiction.

and thank you to all who attended the cooking class, hope you guys had fun and learnt a lot!



ps. you can visit mytoblerone.com for more yums :)


  1. They look so good!! Wish I could make them!

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