oui chef!

it has been a hectic week at le cordon bleu.. i wish i could complain about all the early morning starts and evening finishes we've been having all this week.. but how could i? i am having a wonderful time! the FOOD.... the people.. the talented yet humble and hilarious chefs.. i mean come on! of course i happily jump out of bed even before the sun comes up, looking forward to get into my kitchen whites.

so, today was a good good day! we watched Chef Xavier Cotte effortlessly bake and decorate the traditional French choux pastry and chantilly cream cake "Saint Honore".

at the end of the presentation, the chef allows us to take pictures of his products.

then we get to go away to the kitchen in our groups and try to recreate the goodies..

here's mine!

i am very proud of it :)
we had Chef Nicolas Jordan at our practical class..

he said my cake and piping was "tres jolie!"
"merci chef" i breathed, with a sigh of relief..

fyi... the vanilla bean chantilly cream is out.of.this.world.

with all these amazing food that we get to cook, it's hard to believe we hardly get any breaks to have proper meals during the day! grand diplome students at lcb pretty much live on the small plates we get to taste during demonstrations. i mean.. i only got home at 9.30pm tonight, and made a ham sandwich dinner lol. cooking school is.. not.. that.. glamourous.. huh.. but we were told that the 10-12 hour days we have at school is NOTHING compared to what the real world as a chef is like. the chefs tell us of the 16-18 hour days they use to endure to climb up the ranks in the kitchen. 16-18 hours. and they're not exaggerating. you really gotta have passion to be in this profession. that's why i have to pinch myself each time i am in the presence of these amazing chefs. their amazing work ethic and strife for excellence, coupled with their personality, humour and humility is truly inspirational. i am so glad and grateful to be able to learn from them. 

tomorrow we're making Quiche Lorraine! so excited! (yes i have school on saturdays).. i better get some sleep as it's 8.30am start again tomorrow! 

bonne nuit.. x


  1. Bon jour Talita!
    After watching the World Cup opening & game last night we all had a pretty late start today, but was buoyed by Martin bringing home a delicious pastry from the French markets this morning...thought of you & how you're doing and am very pleased to see your great endeavours @ the Cordon Bleu school. Just to get up real early every morning to go to classes is a feat in itself eh? ...yes I heard they were long days, but I hope you're trying to eat well & taking care of yourself. Won't be long before Martin leaves so I hope he'll be source of strength for you...a toute a l'heure Adele xx

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