soft light

morning coffee and pastries at home.. 
so delightful..

at school, we've been studying many of the different forms that puff pastry can take.
palmiers are puff pastry that is folded in sugar and baked to spread as opposed to rise.
they are so simple and elegant, like the white shirt of pastry.
and you know how i feel about shirts.

i also spotted this guy lost in my apartment:

i later got him to climb on top of a piece of paper and walked him outside.
hope he got home ok.


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  1. Talita your blog is amazing! If you wouldn't mind divulging some more info about how long you'll be at le cordon bleu and how you are affording to live in Paris and paying for culinary school! I'm so fascinated and would love to do it but I didn't think it was financially feasible. Are you being taught in French? x