sweet almond dacquoise

the dacquoise is not a regular cake. 
the sponge is mostly made out of egg whites and almond powder. 

the resulting texture is light and airy and not too sweet..
coupled with sweet praline buttercream..
this cake is irresistible.. 

we also got to make roses out of marzipan..
the chef made it look waaay to easy..
but after three goes.. 
i got there in the end :)

this cake.. is so simple in composition..
utilizes very very few ingredients..
yet probably one of the tastiest things you'd ever eat.

as soon as i got home, i inhaled a couple of slices without even realizing!
but i don't feel guilty because we had to whip up the egg whites and buttercream

so i think i deserved it.


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  1. your blog is beautiful! i hope we meet in intermediate or superior :)