automne à paris

it seems the summer sun has disappeared as quickly as the autumn chill came. the trees are starting to look bare and the skies has turned cloudy and grey.. however on the bright side, the local parisian boys has started to pull out their scarves, neat sports coats and leather shoes. mighty fine i must say.. oh what, yes. that's right.. this is a food blog, i almost got side-tracked.....

aujourd'hui nous avons fait des croissants et pains au chocolat. 

i am so happy to have finally learnt the proper technique to make these 
traditional treats.

laminating the dough must be done quickly and with conviction.

and hopefully the resulting pastries will be joli et délicieux!!

coffee and croissants..

is the way to do some bloggin'.

j'aime l'automne à paris..

à plus tard mes amis.



  1. Tal, everything looks so gorgeous, especially you! xx :)

  2. PARIS IN WINTER!! SWOOOOOOONNN!! Ahh you are so lucky.