meet the brioche family

all these amazing food we've been making at le cordon bleu have started to stress me out. every day there is a battle in my conscience because I KNOW I CAN'T EAT EVERYTHING we make or... i'd have to say goodbye to by skinny jeans. and i really do not want to say goodbye to my skinny jeans.

but baby. 
these buttery brioches are very tasty. sliced with jam, made into pain perdu or just as/is. the sweet, buttery and the slightest bit salty rich flavour coupled with their soft, feathery texture is really doing my head in.

why bread gods. why.

so. let me introduce you to:
papa loaf brioche nanterre,
mama brioche à tête,
and baby petite têtes.

check out papa nanterre's crusty, golden armor.
but inside, he's really a softie.

we also made pain aux raisins using the brioche dough.
however as you may know, most of the time they are made using croissant pastry.
the chef said the reason why, is that not only does it save time and energy
but it is also more cost effective as croissant dough does not contain eggs.

but i find that using either dough..

they're just as tasty.

- - -

my breakfast this morning.



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