And we're back for Intermediate!

I am back in Paris! And it's been a pretty mild winter here. Apart from mere 9 hours of sunlight we get a day.. I have to say it has not been feeling like winter at all. Though the holiday season is now over, I was very happy to get right back into the cooking! And Tarte Passion-Framboise is what's on the menu today. Before class I was a bit nervous, as I was worried that my pate sucre mojo has diminished due to weeks of neglect.. but I was happy that we had Chef Walter as he is super-chill and put us all at ease :)

So here's my tart:

This tart is very light, tart and fruity! 
It is making me miss summer..!!

The decor was my favourite bit. 
It was awesome to have lots of fresh fruits and berries to be creative with!

Group B v2.0 with Chef Walter. 
Probably one of the nicest and most attentive chef we've had.

I'm so happy to be back. Bring it on intermĂ©diaire! Je suis prĂȘte!


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  1. Can you print the recipe. I love anything with passionfruit.