The importance of being well imbibed.

Funny that this cake is called the Opéra.
Mainly because I had to sing to myself to calm my nerves down
while composing the layers and writing in chocolate.

It was an intense practical.

But the rewards are sure worth it!

The Gâteau Opéra is layers of coffee-imbibed "biscuit joconde",
separated with coffee buttercream and dark chocolate ganache.

A creation of  pâtisserie house "Dalloyau" in 1955,
It is simple, classic and elegant.

No wonder it is one of the world's most famous French cakes.

I've tasted numerous Opéras from many patisseries..
Fauchon, Dalloyau, Pierre Herme, to my neighborhood boulangerie.
(Mainly because I am attracted to chocolate
like cold travelers to heater lights at Gare du Nord.)

But not until you get down and chocolaty from making it yourself,
do you come to fully appreciate the work that goes into this dessert.

And why now, I'll happily fork out €4 for a tiny slice of heaven.

xo Tal 


  1. Aren't Opera slices just the most amazing cakes in the universe?! Ooo I could eat one every day (ermm and probably have doe for periods at a time). Your blog is full of so many beautiful treats! x

  2. Wow! This cake looks so tasty. I want to cook it this weekend. Are the ingredients expensive? I've just got my scholarship but I also need to make different payments for my http://pickwriters.com/ project.