Jamais plus, Jamaique.

Todays pastry practical at school was the "Gâteau Jamaïque". The cake has a creamy coconut mousse interior, encased within walls of thin chocolate joconde biscuit and generously garnished with mango-passion mousse. This cake takes your taste-buds on a trip straight to a tropical island!

The cake was not too difficult to reproduce. And I felt like I did a really good job composing all the different elements of the dessert in a timely manner. I was really proud of my product and was filled with  delight when I went to present the cake to the chef. Unfortunately this feeling of confidence did not last long.. The attending chef thought my decor was "bizarre" and too simple. He was fast to give me a low mark, as if to disregard all the attention I paid to the form and make up all the different parts of the cake.

Yes. I have to say. It does look a little strange.. But I did try my best to be original, and wanted to do something different, while still keeping it simple and tasteful. And I don't think my decor is very different to what the demo chef (who in this case is different to the attending chef) did at the presentation:

But I guess, I kind of understand that I can't expect every chef to have the same aesthetic preference. But I am also bummed that something I put my heart and soul into was so quickly written off.

Sorry about the sombre mood of this supposedly bright and tropical blog post! It is just ONE cake. I definitely will get over it, there are still plenty of cakes I get to prove myself with :)

Also, I don't really want to let what the attending chef thought 
of my decor get too me too much..
I am still proud of my latest creation :)


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  1. Martin Paris15.1.12

    Talit :)
    I'm proud of you for aiming to be original and trusting your own aesthetic instincts.
    You're usually so upbeat and peppy in your blog posts. I don't like to hear you somber or doubting yourself.
    In the words of Phil Austen: don't let it bring you down.
    To me, it looks like you won this one Talit.
    Won it.