Finally we got to make something I know well! 
What's this for eye candy...

Macaron Anis-Framboise!

I felt so spoiled with all the red berries we got to don our "big mama"pink macarons with.

And this is the first time we had to plate a dessert on a plate,
like one would at a restaurant.

Here's Sandra being creative:

And yes they are huge!!
Imagine taking big bites of these babies while clasping it with both your hands.
It's like a berry macaron burger bonanza. 

And I sure am "lovin' it".... :P

xo Tal


  1. Oh my gosh i want some so badly! They look amazing and amazingly delicious!

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  3. they look so adorable! and so yummy! to put raspberries in them was an amazing idea! I think I finally get all the motivation to learn how to cook macarons :) thank you!

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