Chocolate Inhalation

No.. I don't mean eating a whole lot of chocolate at one go..
I mean.. the actual act of 
b r e a t h i n g  i n
chocolate vapors. 
Good business idea perhaps? Marketed in asthma inhalers?

OK. Perhaps not.
But this totally happened:

Yes. That is a picture of me working with chocolate in SPRAY FORM.
Woah woah woah! OK hold up. 
Let's look back through the events of my life so far..

I've eaten chocolate, drunk chocolate.. dipped stuff in chocolate..
I've crushed chocolate, melted chocolate, chopped chocolate..

And it was awesome.

I made this:

No Liz, this is not a snitch cake.
And it is also not a durian cake.

C'est un "Dôme aux Marrons"!
(Chestnut Dome Cake)

Layers of chewy hazelnut dacquoise separated by chestnut mousse
and encased in chestnut buttercream.
The cake is finished with a generous spraying of chocolate mist, 
which results in its "velvety" texture.

No big deal.. 

x Tal


  1. don't deny! it's a snitch!

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