Triomphe aux Noix

Walnut Triumph
is the name of this cake.

I would usually follow this opening line with something like
"and what a delectable victory it was" or 
"you'd probably be nuts if this cake does not win you over."
but maybe I'll just stick with..


Walnut Mousse Cake

After the preceding bright red and yellow candy-paint cake,
I felt it to be a nice contrast to bake up something a bit more sophisticated.

Walnut sponge cake, caramel mousse and caramel glaze.

This is the kind of cake you'd expect to find selling for top dollar
in boutique patisseries, perhaps bought by "Grandes écoles" postgraduates
on their way to a dinner party at which they will drink wine out of a carafe
and smoke foreign cigarettes while discussing Plato.. or something.

But I will sell this to them with a smile because they have on some really nice 
slim fitting pants with coffee stained turtlenecks and just-the-right-amount-of-worn
leather loafers.

I really do hope they'd invite me along..
I am not much of a philosopher..
But I can bake this.

x Tal


  1. Anonymous6.9.12


    1. I am unable to post the recipe to this cake as it is protected under the Le Cordon Bleu's copyright.. Sorry!!

  2. Anonymous28.10.13

    Recipes can't be copyright protected, only collections can be and any artful technique can be trademarked...just so you know

  3. Anonymous10.11.15

    No but you are not allowed to publish the recipe without written consent. Talita, it would be most helpful if you could tell us where to find the recipe ie. quote the source so we can look it up ourselves.

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