Entremets Passionata

Today I had one of the best practicals ever.

The cake: Entremets Passionata.
The chef: Nicolas Jordan.
The dream team: Cami, Momoko, Adam and I. 

Raspberry and Passionfruit Cream Cake

It was the first time in a practical that we got to work in groups of three or four
to make the cigarette and joconde biscuit cake for the outer shell.

Cami, Momo, Adam and I devised a plan to delegate the work 
to function as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Cami and I was in charge of making the cigarette batter, dividing it in two
and colouring them red and yellow. We painted stripes onto
the baking sheet before freezing it until stable. When the colours have hardened
Momo and Adam spread out the joconde biscuit batter onto it and flattened it 
evenly with an offset spatula. After baking, I cut strips of cake to distribute to everyone 
whilst Cami and Momo kindly measured out our the rest of the ingredients
for the other components. 

The cake is filled with two different types of filling;
passionfruit cream and raspberry mousse, which were composed over
a base layer of chewy coconut dacquoise. It is later finished with a shiny layer of 
raspberry glaze and red fruits.

We really did knuckle down like nobody's business.
And the resulting desserts were very satisfactory in taste and appearance.

I was especially proud of my gateau for this practical, as Chef Jordan
made me smile giddily when he said my cake was a "perfect 100".

I think this cake was particularly successful because I had 
so much pleasure working with the gang and we worked seamlessly together.

So here's to more fun, lighthearted and stress-free practical classes
full of hilarity and camaraderie! :)

x Tal


  1. Can you please share your recipe!!!!

    Also, how do u make it look so perfect?

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  2. Anonymous26.6.13

    Can you please share your recipe....I would love to make that cake!!!

  3. Can you please share your recipe?That looks just so yummm :D

  4. It was the first time in a practical that we got to work in groups of three or four embroidery machine reviews

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  6. Where's the recipe?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anonymous10.8.17

    Please can you post the recipe?

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