Douceur Chocolat

The Douceur Chocolat.

Where do I begin...

I love the way this cake has a little bit of everything going on.
A rustic nut brown hazelnut dacquoise base..
A hidden milk chocolate, feuilletine and praline crispy layer surprise..
Creamy, light chocolate mousse..
And architecturally elegant milk chocolate disc layers.

Pretty classy stuff.

Actually I'm not going to say much else..
This cake pretty much speaks for itself.

x Tal


  1. this looks incredible!! do you ever share your cordon bleu recipes? or are there other sites that do? thanks!!

  2. Hello William! I am sorry that due to copyrighted materials, students cannot post recipes online.. However.. Check out this book on Amazon! http://www.amazon.com/Cordon-Bleu-Dessert-Techniques-Illustrating/dp/0688169074 :)

    1. thanks! just purchased it. todays strawberry custard creation looks epic

  3. Could you tell how the chocolate discs are created? Using round shaped acetate or letting the chocolate firm up a bit and then using a cookie cutter...? Or something else?