Trésor Vanille-Fraises de Bois

Trésor Vanille-Fraises de Bois translates to "Vanilla-Wild Strawberry Treasure"..
and I can't think of a better name for this opulent cake.

This for me, has to be the best lookin' cake we've done thus far in 
Pâtisserie Intermédiaire at Le Cordon Bleu.

 I hypothesize that the "treasure" part of its name refers to 
the mound of wild strawberry mousse, 
which is hidden under a layer of caramelized "crème chiboust".
Crème chiboust - as invented by Chef Chiboust; 
is crème pâtissière lightened by meringue.

All these sweet goodness has been put together over a bed of 
sweet, cracked almond dacquoise. Glazed, and decorated with red berries.

Here's a peek inside...

This is all I'm having I promise.
(The bathroom scale did not bear good news this morning.)

But really.. with a cake like this.. 
How could I not have helped myself...?!

Cooking school.. everyday a battle with my conscience.

x Tal


  1. Gorgeous are you able to post the recipe? Thanks

  2. Hi Polly! Thanks for your comment :) I am sorry that due to copyright, students cannot post recipes online.. we get reminded almost every class.. however.. this book should have all the recipes from LCB patisserie: http://www.amazon.com/Cordon-Patisserie-Baking-Foundations-Chefs/dp/1439057133 :) x

    1. Thanks I shall check that book out :) x

  3. I'm crying. Can you please post me the cake?

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