More chocolate. The dark kind.

Hey gang. 
We made chocolates again tonight. 

Dark chocolates.

Chocolats Café 

It was a little temperamental.. to say the least.
(you don't have to pardon the pun.)
(it is unforgivable.)

I am glad my first attempt at tempering the chocolate was a 
Because now I can show you why we go through the trouble 
of following the temperature curve and..
testing the chocolate many times before using it.
(which I was too lazy to do the first time.. ssshhhh!)

BAD                               GOOD

Believe it or not..
Those two examples above are coffee marzipan squares
that I dipped into the same bowl of melted chocolate.

For the first one, I accidentally overshot to 33 degrees C 
when reheating the chocolate back up after bringing it down to 27 degrees C.
I didn't think it was that much of a big deal until I saw the product...

"CHEF!!" I yelled, horrified at the streaky matt obscenity that stood before me.
Luckily Chef Cotte quickly came to the rescue with a cheeky grin. 
He let me know that if I heat it back up too much after cooling it down, 
the result will be less shiny. And also in some bizarre cases.. 
will fail miserably.

So after tempering a second time..
I was able to breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of
shiny, pretty chocolates :)

We also made truffles.
Don't they look like REAL truffles?!

I am glad because I feel like I learnt a lot today.
I am very grateful that I made the mistakes that I did.
And I have also come to realize,
that no matter how much frustration these little beauties give you..
You'll be quick to forgive them come eating time.
Trust me.

x Tal

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