first post. flamed chook.

blogs intimidate me. that's why it took me this long to finally make one. i'm not the most eloquent writer, an expert cook, nor am i the greatest photographer.. but i feel like i do alright enough to communicate to you all my love for f.o.o.d... during the three very full on busy busy stressy stressy years at jazz school... cooking dinner at home was a luxury.. it was takeouts 5 or 6 times a week...! though i did get through it by my favourite method or procrastination.. going on allrecipes.com, drooling over recipes while fantasizing about my eventual next home cooked meal.. or dessert..! so, blessed with a little more time this year i decided to start. a. food. blog..

so please enjoy this first post!

it is the story about a beautiful 1.2kg whole chicken who was lost and lonely for a while..

but all changed when he met his buddies cream, mushroom, port, cognac and shallots. aaaand.. decided to take a hot bath together and later hung out on martin and talita's plates....

they were delicious.

i've never cooked with port before.. thank you to "mastering the art of french cooking" by julia childs for introducing me to the delicious sweet wine...

macarons tomorrow.

come over for dinner sometime!

x talita

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