wow. what a beautiful day! after a week of grey and rain, it is so good to see the sun out. and what better way to spend a sunny saturday morning than at la cigale's french markets. i am very happy that i managed to score a huge bunch of rhubarb for a rhubarb and white chocolate charlotte i plan to make later this week.. (shh it's a surprise for a special someone..)

anyway, picture time!

the humble shallot is probably my favourite herb. it goes in absolutely everything in indonesian cuisine. btw they are only $5 per kilo at the fruit/vege shop in picton st howick. what a steal.

late morning sun = awesome lighting.

now here's an interesting point: if anyone ever wants to be given free stuff wherever they go.. go with martin. i think there's something about him that makes people just throw free stuff at. he thinks it's because he resides in "the bubble"; 30 rock fans you know what he's referring to. i laughed. i think it's because he's a really nice guy that ANYONE would love to feed. 

anyway, the story was.. i wanted to buy and try every flavour of macarons they had on display.. the guy at the cashier just gave them all to us for free! i paid him $2 because i felt bad.. and grateful! i have never tried making grape, vanilla, orange, lemon, coffee or green tea macarons before and they were all very very good. i will look into making green tea macarons asap! (i ate that one too quickly sorry, so it's not in the picture hehe.)

wild roses from my garden and la cigale's vanilla macaron:

at $2 a piece they are definitely very good value! (my ones are bigger and have way more filling though.. lol.)

thanks for reading! don't know what's for dinner tonight yet... hmm..

x talita

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