julia's boeuf bourguignon

i made boeuf bourguignon, it took 4 hours. i smelt so much of sauce i had to shower afterwards. but worth it!

slow-cooked pearl onions and sauteed mushrooms on top of three-hour stewed beef and carrots..

add in the reduced sauce.. (one whole bottle of red wine was used fyi lol. 750ml wine + 500ml beef stock reduced by half) and give it a little stir…


thanks martin for picking up the bread rolls! apparently he could smell the stew from outside the house..!

recipe from "mastering the art of french cooking" again.. if you've seen julie and julia you'd understand why i had to try make it!

may's coming over on sunday to pick up pistachio and toblerone macarons! and martin requested creme brulee from the egg yolks. yesss. one delicious weekend ahead!

x talita


  1. Ohhh my gosh. I've wanted to try Julia's food out for ages but 1/ Don't have the recipes and 2/ haven't found time and effort yet, haha. It looks amazing. Was it as much of a fuss to make as the movie made it out to be?

  2. there was a whole lot of steps, but they weren't very hard.. just took a long time! julia writes her recipe book in the way that she gives you other things to do while another pot is cooking etc so that was handy :)

  3. Hooooooly moly I want this! Looks soo good :)
    (browsing your blog whilst being hungry = bad idea)