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the sun has been setting earlier and earlier these days.. 

if there's one thing cooler weather calls for.. it's soul-warming wholesome breads. i was lucky enough to have a chance encounter with a fellow food-blogger on a photography workshop i went on last week. she told me about this amazing easy, no-kneading, quick bread that she makes weekly for her young family. "the busy people's bread" originally by anabel langbein, has a gorgeous chewy texture - like vogel breads. i don't think i'll be buying bread again from the store after trying this recipe.. especially since vogel is a little bit dearer than other brands.. i was also told that this bread freezes very well. i have lunch sorted for a couple of weeks now. so stoked!

mmm.. pumpkin seeds..

a little uneven hehe


ok so dinner. i haven't had much time to cook this week.. so i was really quite flustered this morning trying to decide what to have as there are too many recipes i still want to catch up on. but seeing as my wonderful mart will be going down to wellington for a couple of days over the weekend.. i decided to cook up a combination of his two favourite things: steak and pasta!

as i flicked through the "steak" section of my trusty "mastering the art of french cooking" book, i just couldn't go pass the words "mushroom" and "madeira". bang. choice made.

"filet steaks with mushroom and madeira sauce" it is.

angus eye-fillets cooked on the stove with an iron-cast pan.

served with garlic spaghetti and sauteed green beans...

martin was very impressed with the madeira sauce.. definitely a keeper!

have a safe trip, my mart! 

x talita

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  1. My love.
    This was so delicious :)
    Also; trip was a safe one.